Our Virtual Reunion season was a great success with more than 1,300 new Scottish Rite Masons initiated through the event! Thousands of current members also tuned in to view the degrees and lend their support to their new Brethren. See the reactions below!

There are no new Virtual Reunion dates at the time. We will announce any change through our social media channels, email communications, and through your Valley. Stay tuned!
Experience Scottish Rite membership
in a brand new way!
The magic of Scottish Rite Reunions is, and always has been, the brotherhood that ignites when we gather in fraternity and friendship. Returning this fall, we’re bringing the magic home to you through Virtual Reunions!
Virtual Reunions are your chance to not only join the Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, but witness multiple degrees alongside fellow brethren during a one-day event. Beyond degree viewings, our Virtual Reunions will provide you with the full Scottish Rite experience at home.
From meeting Scottish Rite leaders to educational sessions and live interaction with existing members and fellow candidates, you won’t want to miss this first-class Masonic event.